Miley Cyrus gets really raunchy with a fan

It's nothing new for Miley Cyrus to spark off controversy and headlines regarding her sexual antics. Recently a fan got a handful of Cyrus at a very raunchy meet and greet reported "Inquisitr" on Aug. 9, 2014. It appears that Cyrus wants her fans to get a lot of bang for their buck.

Cyrus enjoys getting very friendly with those fans who pay a lot of money for her meet and greets. As a matter of fact it appears the guys get a lot more than simply a photograph. Photos from a recent raunchy meet and greet show a Cyrus fan scoring a lot extra. Sources say Cyrus had an unusually close encounter with a fan named David during her recent stop at New York’s Nassau Coliseum. This guy got to pretend to kiss Cyrus and put his hands all over her.

The fan who got to spend some time with Cyrus recently clearly decided to make the most of his time with her reports "E! Online." Cyrus was all smiles during her encounter with this guy who was photographed grabbing her breasts. He wrapped his arms around her as if she's the love of his life. This isn't exactly for free. According to a source a raunchy meet and greet with Cyrus costs $955.

Cyrus has also remained outrageous in her performances. In fact a Cyrus special has sparked an FCC investigation into possible violations by NBC reports Fox News. Cyrus’s sexualized grinding against a costumed Abe Lincoln may turn out to be costly for NBC.

The Federal Communications (FCC) has opened up an investigation of Cyrus for a violation of its “sexual or excretory activity” standards. This followed complaints by viewers about the racy content in its primetime special, “Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour.” However, industry experts claim NBC was probably well aware of any possible infractions when it chose to air the incredibly controversial entertainer.

Gene Grabowski, executive vice president for Levick Strategic Communications, says both NBC and Cyrus have been pursuing ratings. Grabowski thinks NBC executives knew what would happen when they decided to televise this controversial special. She said NBC knew this programming would be risqué and be considered of questionable taste.

In the raunchy show Cyrus was seen thrusting up against a Lincoln-like figure. She also romped around in a bed with half naked men and women while wearing a skin tight unitard and dressing up a dancer like a marijuana joint. One of the complaints alleged the program bordered on being pornographic and that it was extremely graphic and disturbing.

Indecency is defined by the FCC as material which is “patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards.” It has been held by the courts that indecent material is protected by the First Amendment and that it can't be completely banned. However, it can be restricted to avoid times when it is apparent there is a reasonable risk that kids may be in the audience. Nevertheless, NBC and Cyrus seem to think the higher than usual ratings due to her raunchy performance has been worth any fines which NBC could be hit with and any criticism Cyrus may have to deal with.