Michael Sweet talks about origins of brand new Stryper single ‘Yahweh’

Stryper has always been the most famous Christian metal band in the world. Sevendust is a very hardcore metal band and most people wouldn’t consider them anything close to a Christian band, especially with the profanity that permeates through their songs. However, the two somehow came together for Stryper’s new album. Blabbermouth reported on Thursday that Sevendust lead guitarist Clinr Lowery co-wrote the first single from Stryper’s new album, a song called “Yahweh.”

Stryper lead singer Michael Sweet talked about the connection when promoting the upcoming album, Fallen. Sweet said that he met Lowery on a plane last year and they took a photo and talked for a bit. Sweet said the Lowery told him that Stryler had a huge influence on him when he was younger. Sweet said they started to follow each other on social media.

That led to Sweet contacting Lowery and asking if he wanted to collaborate on a song or two from the new Stryper album. Lowery agreed and they wrote “Yahweh.” Sweet said that it was an original idea by Lowery which he then took and stretched out into a six minute epic song. Sweet said that he sent the song to Chris Jericho, and the former WWE star and current lead singer of Fozzy called it the best song since Stryper reunited.

Sweet then said he sent the finished product to Lowery, who was very impressed. Lowery called the son epic, with stellar solos and an old school spirit mixed with a modern take. He also said he doesn’t remember sending anything as cool as the song ended up being.

The new album Fallen, comes out on Oct. 16 worldwide. There are a total of 12 tracks on the album, which is a straight Christian metal album, although they do cover Black Sabbath’s “After Forever” on it as well. According to Sweet, this will be the heaviest album that Stryper has ever released. He said it’s not like thrash or anything, but more like “Unchained” Van Halen heavy. Sweet also feels it is the bands best music to date. The band has yet to announce a tour.

Sevendust is still touring the U.S. They hit the DFW area with a show at The Bomb Factory in April, but the closest they will come to Dallas for the rest of the year is a concert in Shreveport, Louisiana. They are touring the rest of the year with Godsmack.