Little Mix and Jason Derulo join forces in their 'Secret Love Song' video

Love can make you do some pretty crazy things, and no one knows that better than Jason Derulo. He's in the great new video from UK girl group Little Mix for "Secret Love Song", taken from last year's Get Weird. While Little Mix's previous singles were total bangers - I'm pretty sure I have "Black Magic" stuck in my head 24/7 - "Secret Love Song" tells a much sadder tale.

The girls beg their love interest to just man up and make things official - there's nothing more annoying than being stuck in the wishy-washy are-we-or-aren't-we purgatory - but we never find out what happens to the lovers at the end. What we get instead is some killer parkour moves from Derulo as he pulls some serious Spiderman shit, jumping off of walls and dancing by himself in an empty studio to battle his heartache. The girls take a different approach to their hurt, giving emotional performances of the song on their own as they wander through the dark streets of London, looking lovelorn but stylish as hell in some killer winter outfits.

"Secret Love Song" is one of the best songs on Get Weird, and you can watch its video above!