Leroy Van Dyke to be honored by Missouri legislature
Leroy Van Dyke to be honored by Missouri legislature
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60 years in the music business, and fame has not seen Mr. Leroy Van Dyke “walk on by...”

January 19 will have the Las Vegas must-see act get recognition in Jefferson City, Missouri of all places as Leroy gets an official house resolution honoring a career as long as it is celebrated.

Missouri's legislature will take a moment after Tuesday's lunch to lionize one of their own, as the state's House of Representatives that has Rep. Nathan Beard and Rep. Steve Cookson offfer the “Auctioneer” singer for six decades of entertaining the masses at 4pm Missouri time. Afterward, LVD will be also honored by the Missouri Senate on the floor of their proceedings.

Leroy Van Dyke has exchanged quite a debt to the state, as his birth in Mora saw his alma mater of UM. The Grand Ole' Opry member wrote the previously joked about “Walk on By,” which had Billboard Magazine calling it “the biggest country music single of all time” in 1994. Currently living with his wife in Sedalia, MO, Leroy and was “Country Music Entertainer of the Decade in the 'sixties, as well as a copious amount of other accolades and achievements that have seen the state's essence put into a newer country sound for audiences of the time.

It's a fair assumption to think that both representatives are fans of Van Dyke's work, as the state of “Missoureh” has been so formative to the “Country Crossroads” host. On the subject of his duration as an entertainer, both representatives spoke about their anticipation of the event.

“The impact Leroy Van Dyke has had on country music is unparalleled and something we all should take immense pride in as his fellow Missourians. I am blessed to have him as a constituent and so extremely proud of the amazing career he achieved with talent, hard work and perseverance. I am thrilled that my colleagues will join us in shining a much deserved spotlight on the Missourian who is respected throughout the country music industry as a consummate professional,” said Beard, R-Sedalia.

“Our state has seen some truly outstanding men and women accomplish amazing things, but few can rival the phenomenal accomplishments of Leroy Van Dyke, who is Missouri’s ambassador for country music. He has entertained millions over multiple generations, and continues to be a world class entertainer today at the age of 86. He is truly one of our state’s finest and most accomplished citizens, and someone I am proud to be able to join my colleagues in recognizing,” said Cookson, R-Poplar Bluff.

Leroy Van Dyke is currently on tour. Visit his website for more information.