Keeping it cryptic: Brand New hints once again at potential break-up
Source: Adam Derfler Youtube channel

"We're done" were the words of frontman Jesse Lacey on Tuesday night, when highly popular emo rockers Brand New took the stage for the first show of their current U.S. tour. He went on to tell the crowd, "Oh yeah, we're done. It makes nights like this all the more special, so thanks for being here". You can watch a fan's video of this moment on the left side of the page.

This is not the first time this year that the Long Island quartet have hinted they might be throwing in the towel. In a not-so-subtle nod to their impending dissolution, the group released t-shirts that stated "Brand New, 2000-2018". That was earlier this month, and since that moment fans and music journalists alike have speculated as to the truth of this claim. While not particularly strange for a band to break-up, especially with such a long and storied career behind them, it does seem odd that Brand New is being so cryptic about it. The band has yet to offer any decisive statement regarding the accuracy of the shirt, but Tuesday night's comments certainly will lead fans to believe it's the real deal.

In terms of musical output, the potential break-up wouldn't change much, as Brand New have not released a full-length album since Daisy in 2009. They did release a new single in May, which could indicate a more fleshed-out release in the coming months.

Brand New will be on tour across the United States with Modest Mouse until the end of July, and you can see the full run of dates here. It might be the last chance!