Katt Williams under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon

Comedian Katt Williams is apparently on quite the violent streak. According to a report by celebrity gossip site TMZ Tuesday, Williams is under criminal investigation for reportedly using his Rolls Royce to run down a man who was trying to snap a photo of the comedian near LAX airport.

Glen Jackson, the man who made the claim, got on the comedian’s bad side by trying to snap photos with his cell phone. The attempt to photograph Williams drew out a violent streak that resulted in Williams, along with his bodyguard allegedly getting out of the car in an attempt to grab Jackson’s phone. When that failed, they pepper sprayed him.

If that wasn’t enough, Jackson claims that while he exited his car because of the fumes, Williams ran into his leg with his car, then proceeded to spray him again with pepper spay before driving off. The incident has drawn an investigation from the Inglewood police. If there is any truth to Jackson’s allegations, Williams could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. That weapon would be his Rolls Royce; the same vehicle Williams was in when he rear-ended a Honda while driving down Pacific Coast Highway on July 9.

That incident also involved someone attempting to take cell phone pic of the 40-year-old Williams. Overall it is his 4th altercation within the last two weeks, including an alleged gun incident at an L.A. comedy club. Although Williams hasn’t been officially charged in any of the altercations, his involvement and behavior is becoming no laughing matter.

Despite his recent legal troubles and alleged confrontations cell phone photo opportunists, Katt Williams is involved in something positive. Last week, the new trailer for his upcoming HBO comedy special, “Priceless”, was released. In the 50-second trailer, Williams takes jabs as himself and his recent brushes with the law. At least he is finding some humor in his actions.