Katt Williams' hilarious 'Priceless' special debuts on HBO
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On Saturday, Aug. 16, 2014, HBO debuted “Priceless: Afterlife,” the new stand-up special from Katt Williams which was directed by none other than “Do the Right Thing” filmmaker Spike Lee. The show was filmed at the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, California on the May 17 stop on the Growth Spurt tour. From the moment the special began until the final joke, Williams proved to be unstoppable in his energy, resolve and hilarious outlook on life.

A ringmaster-type announcer rattled off Williams' impressive comedic resumé before welcoming the comedian onto the stage shouting, “Let's get ready to chuckle.” Williams emerged wearing a white fur coat, surrounded by thick smoke, backup dancers and even a lion. He did a quick lap through the crowd before settling on the stage, where he would treat the audience to almost sixty minutes of hilarious comedy.

“We all gotta be able to laugh,” Williams said multiple times throughout the performance as he joked about his personal struggles with the law, America's resolve in the face of tragedy and the enduring societal epidemic of racism. Explaining that he took some flak for not being mad at Paula Deen when she admitted to using the “N word” last year, Williams said that he didn't have the time to spend on the issue. “I can't be mad at everyone,” Williams said. “Have you seen my life?” He later explained that one of his favorite shows is “Swamp People” because he likes to watch “rednecks in their natural environment, not killing minorities.”

Although “Priceless: Afterlife” was filmed several months back, Williams' material on police violence felt as if it were written as a direct response to the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri. “Police are on some different shit,” he said. “It used to be 'serve and protect,' now it's kill us now and make up a story later.” He joked that his body responds to the sight of a police officer by automatically falling to the ground and moving his arms behind his back.

Later, Williams poked fun at the medical industry for being loud and proud about the side-effects associated with advertised medications and the fact that doctors are not there to help you. “Doctors are drug dealers,” he said emphatically. Other topics covered in the special include homophobia, the power of the media and the dangers of staying single too long.

“Priceless: Afterlife” has an overall message of unity, that life is too short to hate anybody for the way that they look. Check out the hilarious and uplifting special on HBO and click here for more about Katt Williams on AXS.