Kanye West premieres 'New Slaves' single and video via building projections
Kanye West / YouTube

In a very-forward thinking fashion, Kanye West unveiled the first taste of his upcoming album on Friday night via video projection, according to Pitchfork Magazine. The rapper's telling “New Slaves” single was played on the sides of buildings around the world.

Before the worldwide release of “New Slaves,” West took to Twitter to announce his plans of releasing the new single through video projections. Amongst the cities covered with Kanye's image, Williamsburg, Brooklyn was one of the premiere spots. Thanks to Pitchfork, the video of West's performance in New York was captured for all those who missed the big reveal.

The black-and-white video for “New Slaves” features a close-up shot of West rapping over a tolling beat. His face on the brick building brings to mind the Dr. T. J. Eckleburg billboard mentioned in “The Great Gatsby” novel that looks overlooks The Valley of the Ashes (or in West's case, his Williamsburg audience). There is a ferocity in West's delivery as he dishes out verses comparing the slavery African-Americans faced in early America to people currently caught up in material things. West's striking social commentary is made loud and clear in the projected clip.

“New Slaves” is the first song to surface from West's upcoming record. His new album will follow 2010's critically-acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.