Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Courtesy of the American Music Awards, used with permission.

The ever sizzling Jennifer Lopez is fond of mentioning her Bronx heritage as an example that dreams are truly for anyone and everyone. The stunning multi-talented vocalist, actress, author, fashion designer, dancer, producer, and more was called on to host this year’s American Music Awards, which were broadcast live from Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theatre on ABC. If you’re thinking, she was offered the position because her career needed a boost, you are sorely mistaken. Jennifer is just killing it right now, poised to be even more visible and adored this coming year than Adele!

With her fetching fashions, radiant charisma, fierce dance moves, and jaw-dropping vocals, every time Jennifer took the stage was a high point of the evening. Collected below are the best of the best!

Bring That Booty: Jennifer flashes her attention-getting posterior to the camera during the opening medley!

Take Us to Church: Lopez floods the venue with her award-winning vocals.

Blow That Whistle: In a sultry exchange that was even hotter than Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth’s extended make-out session, a whistle is provocatively slipped between Jennifer’s lips mid performance.

Back in Black: Every single time she returned to the stage, Lopez was adorned in yet another scintillating outfit!

Keeping it Real: Despite all the polished glam, Jennifer is endlessly endearing because she always finds a way to keep it real.

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