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It’s a question that has confounded philosophers and deep thinkers for centuries: who dresses Steven Tyler? Any time he steps out in public, the Aerosmith singer is liable to drop jaws and garner confused looks as he wears an assortment of brightly colored shirts and tight pants, with a ton of accessories plucked from his no doubt deep and highly disorganized bijouterie.

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Ah, but that’s part of what makes Steven Tyler one of the most intriguing and baffling characters in rock music. Another aspect of Tyler that is baffling? The fact that he’s dabbling in country music now. Tyler showed up during day two of the Pilgrimage Music Festival and provided the crowd with his country as well as some classic Aerosmith material. Whatever the mixture, the set was undoubtedly Steven Tyler through and through. Check out photos above courtesy of photographer Amy Harris.

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