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Hour Band
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As a preview of what is to come here at EdgeFest 2015, AXS caught up with one of the selected performing acts, Hour Band. We got a glimpse into the band with an exclusive interview with the bassist, Moshe Prystowsky. Charming and honest, Moshe (pronounced moh-shay) gave us a glimpse into his life, and gave us some breaking news about the band on April 16, 2015.

Mr. Prystowsky grew up in South Carolina, and moved to Austin 13 years ago. According to the bassist, he has always played music, and started playing piano when he was 3. It was only as a teenager that he picked up the guitar, and began his musical career. Playing in a couple of bands in and around Austin, he felt a little out of place. That is until he found a fit with the Hour Band. They needed a basist, and while he was used to playing lead and doing vocals, he loves being the bassist. Currently, he has been playing with the band for eight years.

The band as a whole loves bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, classics like Led Zeplin and other musicians who had a passion for music, or just want to change the world. When it came to creating the music that is Hour Band, Moshe stated, "personally, as well as a band found it as an outlet to share our energy and passion." There was a feeling of connection with their favorite rockstars, and love to go crazy at their shows.

When it comes to musical composition, Mr. Prystowsky said, "We do a lot of writing on our own, but have been known to collaborate with some other Austin musicians, but most of the music is done in our core group." He felt that the bands music is "constantly changing." They are hoping to release more music next week before Edgefest 2015 for fans,

Speaking of the band getting picked for EdgeFest 2015, he stated that "For all of us we were ecstatic. Edfest is more than just a festival to us, to be a part of the 25th anniversary, for us it was just one of those goal moments. We are so excited." The first show the lead guitarist of Hour Band ever saw was The Offspring, so the entire band is excited to open for them. In the past, the band has opened for snoop dog, and performed as opening acts for lots of local artists. They have also played at bars in Deep Ellum.

The band will be releasing a single from their newest album “Enemy”, which is set to release next week supposedly. It will come off of their newest EP releasing in June called Infinity. This new album touts of having some really cool guest features. They will be playing music at Edgefest 2015 with music from their "Only" album which the band says it "was a really great release for us, and now we can show the next iteration of that style."

You can find the Hour Band on their website. They also have Twitter and Facebook for interaction with the band. They sell their previously released album "Only" on i-tunes for only, but the new stuff won’t be there until June.