Higher Ground Music Festival hosts over 40 bands in the RiNo Arts District

Next month, Colorado Music Buzz will host its third annual Higher Ground Music Festival. Hosted in Denver’s RiNo Arts District on Saturday, August 23, this one-day festival boasts a lineup of national and local acts performing across five different stages. Founding owner and publisher of Colorado Music Buzz, Keith Schneider, sat down with AXS to discuss Higher Ground and the unique experience it offers Denver music lovers.

AXS: What has your role been in planning this year’s Higher Ground?
Keith Schneider: A bit of everything. As a coordinator, marketing, web guy, sponsorship finder, and liaison to our incredible team!

AXS: Why did CMB decide to hold the Higher Ground Music Festival?
Keith: This is our third year. We felt we needed to embrace the local and touring community with a unique and memorable music event that showcases up and coming national and local talent.

AXS: Was CMB inspired by the music festivals held by other Denver publications, such as Westword and The Denver Post?
Keith: Not really - we totally respect UMS and the Westword showcase - they always do well. We were more inspired by music as a whole and exposing the local and up-and-coming national talent to the masses.

AXS: How would you compare Higher Ground to the Westword Music Showcase or the UMS? How does it stand out in the crowd?
Keith: We do everything in one location - we have five stages, but the way the schedule rotates, you can almost catch a bit of everyone's set. We see how fans want to interact with the artists, so we make it more up close and personal. We also "cap" our ticket sales to ensure that the fan gets the best experience.

AXS: Do you believe CMB has a responsibility to the Colorado music community to host events such as Higher Ground?
Keith: Yes, we do feel it is our responsibility. We have always seen it as a partnership between us and the artist and the fan. How do we make it a fascinating and memorable experience for all? That is always our goal.

AXS: Are you looking forward to any particular performances from Denver/Colorado musicians at this year’s festival?
Keith: I am always amazed at the talent pool here in Colorado. We have a lot of new bands as well as some established acts. I really can't wait to see all the acts. Our national talent is exceptional, too. With several bands from Austin, Texas (Sphynx, Holiday Mountain, Calliope Musicals) as well as bands from California (ACIDIC, Pullman Standard, Finish Ticket) and of course our headliners BARCELONA (Seattle Washington), whom recently opened for The Fray at Red Rocks and BAYWOOD (California), who has been receiving a lot of radio attention locally here. These national bands are phenomenal and are worth the ticket price alone.

AXS: How has Higher Ground changed since its inaugural year?
Keith: More attention to details, improving the experience for the fan, and moving it down from the foothills to Denver. Also, increasing the national acts.

AXS: Any CMB events taking place before Higher Ground?
Keith: We are 1000% focused on this one. It will be epic! Five stages, a unique market place, t-shirts on demand, a really great VIP area all within a one block radius! It will be the block party of the summer! You can listen to all the bands, get tickets and details at here.

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