GWAR announces full slate of bands for 2016 Gwar-BQ
Source: The AV Club Youtube channel

Are you a fan of murderous, barbaric aliens from outer space? Or perhaps the prospect of being doused with (fake) bodily fluids from the stage while experiencing a face-melting heavy metal assault sounds appealing? If this sounds like you, you won't want to miss this year's edition of the GWAR-BQ.

If you're a bit bewildered or put off by these ideas, chances are you might not be too familiar with GWAR. Since 1984, this Richmond, VA heavy metal act has inspired equal parts fear and adoration in their fanbase by claiming to be conquering interplanetary warriors. The group has toured the country in grotesque costumes while amassing a rabid group of followers, and their over-the-top live show and stellar recorded output have garnered not just a large audience but also marketing opportunities like comic books and beers.

Hosted by this legendary band of extra-terrestrial warriors, the annual GWAR-BQ is a celebration of metal, hard rock, and punk music that also features some pretty amazing food prepared by GWAR's very own GWARbar. Now that the full lineup for 2016 has been released, fans can start salivating and booking tickets to see renowned metal acts like Lamb of God and well-known punk rockers like Against Me!. This year's edition of the GWAR-BQ will be happening at Hadad's Lake in Richmond on August 20th. To find out more about the festivities and to get your tickets, head over to GWAR's website.