Grzegorz Cisiecki's debut short 'Smoke' hits the Web
Grzegorz Cisiecki

With his challenging 7-minute short “Dym” (translated to “Smoke” in English), Russian filmmaker Grzegorz Cisiecki demonstrates both a brilliance when it comes to all of the mechanics of cinema and a profound perspective of the mind's curious complexity.

Described as a story about a person who has become the captive of surrealistic madness, “Dym” features inspired imagery ranging from bone-chilling to downright disturbing. Even more extraordinary is Cisiecki's creative use of music and sounds, skillfully edited to produce a plethora of emotions in the viewer during the film's brief runtime.

On the other hand, “Dym” is more of an experiment in psychology than anything else, meaning that it perfectly mimics the abstract processes of neurosis but fails to tell a satisfying story in its current state. This can, of course, be overlooked in the present outlet of a short, though, as we await what Cisiecki is capable of via a full feature-length film.

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