Gabriel Iglesias performs in front of 12,000 in Houston; ‘My biggest show ever'

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias is a talented entertainer and comedian. While Fluffy works hard traveling the country sharing lots of laughs from city to city, he hit a huge milestone on Saturday night. The comedian performed in front of 12,000 people in the city of Houston, his biggest live audience to date.

12,000+ HOUSTON, thank you so much for being my biggest show ever!!! :) I LUV TEXAS!!!!!” wrote Iglesias on his Facebook page on Saturday.

While the milestone might be just another opportunity for fans to laugh, it’s a big deal for a comedian , as it signals that the star has truly made it.

So why are 12,000 folks in one place such a big deal? Well comparatively, it would be equal to four Carnival Triumph cruise ships or the entire population of Evanston, Wyoming. To have all these folks at one place, laughing at the same time, is pretty remarkable, and a true testament to just how funny Fluffy is when he hits the stage.