Fleetwood Mac go 'On with the Show' in Pittsburgh

"It feels like we were just here," both Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham commented onstage at last night's Fleetwood Mac concert in Pittsburgh—indeed, they were here last year, and Pittsburgh was thrilled to welcome them back with the return of Christine McVie.

The band opened with the strong intensity of "The Chain" before showcasing McVie's deep voice on "You Make Loving Fun," the first of McVie's songs to return to the setlist after her 16-year absence. Throughout the night, beloved McVie songs "Everywhere," "Say You Love Me," and "Over My Head" also made a comeback. Although McVie's presence hasn't changed Fleetwood Mac's live show much—it's still just as impressive and energetic as it was last year, reminding us all of what a concert should be—she looks as though she's exactly where she's supposed to be, back onstage with her longtime bandmates.

"Welcome back, Chris," Nicks said. "She hasn't told us what she's been doing the last 16 years, but I'm sure she will."

Fleetwood Mac continued on for almost the next three hours with a career-spanning set full of their biggest hits and much like last year's show, nearly the entirety of classic album Rumours, plus "Tusk," the moving "Landslide," performed by Nicks and Buckingham, "Gypsy," and "Little Lies." Buckingham remains a large source of the energy and intensity showcasing his skill on guitar, from "Second Hand News" to "Big Love" to the raw, emotional, slower version of "Never Going Back Again."

Some of the night's greatest highlights were the powerful "Gold Dust Woman," complete with Nicks' gold shawl and erratic dancing, as well as raucous closer "Go Your Own Way." The band returned to the stage for two encores, starting with "World Turning" and a lengthy drum solo from Mick Fleetwood, then moving into the fun "Don't Stop" and ending with the beautiful "Silver Springs." The night came to an official close in the most appropriate way possible--a simple, lovely performance of "Songbird" from McVie.


1. The Chain

2. You Make Loving Fun

3. Dreams

4. Second Hand News

5. Rhiannon

6. Everywhere

7. I Know I'm Not Wrong

8. Tusk

9. Sisters of the Moon

10. Say You Love Me

11. Seven Wonders

12. Big Love

13. Landslide

14. Never Going Back Again

15. Over My Head

16. Gypsy

17. Little Lies

18. Gold Dust Woman

19. I'm So Afraid

20. Go Your Own Way


1. World Turning

2. Don't Stop

3. Silver Springs

Encore 2: