FKA Twigs performing at the Regent Theatre Thanksgiving
FKA Twigs [YouTube]

It is exciting to hear a fresh new artist tearing down the doors to gain acceptance for their craft. These days in the music industry, many artists have the same sound or image, making it difficult to be unique and stand out in an over saturated entertainment community.

Anyone who loves music equally appreciates the oddball or quirky artist. Artist like Lady Gaga with the meat dress and weird personality, Macklemore with his over the top apparel and, the painted faces of Insane Clown Posse is what makes fans connect with an artist on their level and engaging them in their music more intensely.

Rising to the top of the music food chain is UK R&B and Pop artist FKA Twigs. Before Twigs started singing professionally she worked as a music video dancer for artist such as Kylie Minogue, Ed Sheeran and she also was a bartender to make ends meet.

Tahliah Barnett got her name, ‘Twigs’ from her joints cracking and the loud sound they would make. FKA Twigs is short for Formerly Know As Twigs and she added on the acronym FKA after another artist was disgruntled over her having the same alias.

The Young Turks artist dropped her first EP, “EP1,” in 2012 and hasn’t stopped gaining popularity for her talent yet. Also, Twigs was ahead of her time dropping a music video for each song for EP1-sounds like another artist we all know and love dearly.

After signing with The Young Turks and releasing her second EP, “EP2,” is when her music could no longer be ignored. The 2013 release was super hot with popular ballads Water Me and that fiery hot to death, sexy track Papi Pacify.

Her début album “LP1,” hasn’t disappointed at all with solid lyrical content and soulful sounds that will make you melt. Her best track to date off the LP is "Two Weeks." First appearances are everything and Twigs dressed as the Queen in the video proves she is silently coming for her spot as an R&B princess.

Twigs, beyond a doubt is one of the most complicated R&B acts out there, with an old and new school twisted vibe that is undeniable.

She made a massive, positive impression on fans at the El Rey Theatre on Friday night. The feeling was mutual for Twigs as she posted on Facebook that her next performance in Los Angeles will be on Thanksgiving.

Expect to see the Gloucestershire native on November 21, 22, 23 9 pm this winter at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles.

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