My Silent Bravery: "Drunk Off The Sun"
My Silent Bravery: "Drunk Off The Sun"
Courtesy of My Silent Bravery, used with permission.

It’s a golden day. The sun is casting it’s warm glow upon the earth, creating the perfect opportunity to just get out, hang with friends, and have a great time. My Silent Bravery (aka Matthew Wade) somehow managed to capture the essence of all of that beauty in a song called “Drunk Off The Sun.” Today, AXS is premiering the video for that magical song.

“The video is all about summer fun activities... enjoying summer fun,” Matthew told AXS.

“Drunk Off The Sun” is a track from My Silent Bravery’s upcoming album, Breakthrough. This aptly titled work is the artist’s fifth full length release. Matthew’s music touches the heart and creates a deep and lasting bond between the listener and the artist, and right now he seems to be at the tipping point of his career. With countless accolades from songwriting competitions; placement on such prominent shows as NBC’s “The Voice,” The CW’s “One Tree Hill,” MTV’s “Real World,” The History Channel’s “American Pickers”; tours with Daughtry, Rusted Root, Ryan Cabrera, the Wailers, and other respected performers; and 100 thousand social media followers with 2.5 million YouTube views; it’s his time to shine. And this feel-great summer video is an ideal vehicle to help make that happen.

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“I wanted the video to feel very organic and have a natural feel,” he explained. “The idea behind the video is just a bunch of friends hanging out, locally, on a summer day, doing fun summer activities. The video features some of my friends, Joffrey, Shauna, Charlie, Bill (unexpected but fortunate guest), Amanda and Sarah.”

“The majority of the video was shot on Lake Quinsigamond, which is actually in Worcester County, in the middle of Worcester and the town of Shrewsbury,” he continued. “It’s 4 miles long and hosts 8 islands, many owned by private citizens; Drake Island, the largest, remains state owned; it’s a popular outing destination for the local Worcester community; part of the fun includes docking boats on local piers, like the pier near Madulka’s Ice Cream.”

With its candid and genuine moments depicted with a stylized nostalgic flair, the video does an incredible job of transporting the viewer to a timeless world where summer afternoons are endless and life is, indeed, perfect. However, AXS found out that in reality, the shoot didn’t quite go as planned when we asked Matthew if there were any amusing anecdotes about that day.

“A funny behind-the-scenes story from the video is that we were supposed to use Shauna and Charlie’s boat,” he replied. “They had spent months getting the boat ready and the day of the video shoot was the big day to get it in the water! The day comes and unfortunately there is a mechanical problem with the boat; we almost didn’t have a boat for the shoot! Luckily, Bill was kind enough to allow us to use his boat last minute and save the day!”

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“Drunk Off The Sun” (the song) was produced by Grammy Award winner Mike Mangini (Joss Stone, David Byrne, Smashmouth and Peter Zizzo (Avril Levine, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Mraz) and will be available on iTunes tomorrow (July 1). The video was directed by Vassili Shields.