Dana Williams
Dana Williams
Courtesy of Jill Beth Hannes, used with permission.

“When I was six or seven, I took a real interest in Ella Fitzgerald,” singer/songwriter Dana Williams told AXS in a recent interview. “I made my mom take me to the CD store – back when you could go to the store and buy a CD – and I made her get me a bunch of Ella Fitzgerald CDs. Everyone thought it was kind of cute, ‘Oh, she’s going through a phase where she likes big bands.’ But I really do. I just love that sound so much!”

Today, AXS is proud to be premiering the latest video from Dana’s recently released EP, Let’s Fall. “Damage” is a perfect example of what Williams does best, it’s a beautiful romp through a wonderful sonic world that is rich with nostalgia. The track glimmers with a quiet old-timey magic that is exquisitely captured in the video. Dana radiates all the classic glamour of a Hollywood starlet who is spending the day, pining away for her true love.

If you need a quick refresher as to why you already know Dana and her special brand of music… Besides having her song, “Keep Me Waiting,” appear on the Oscar-winning “Whiplash” soundtrack and her cover (with good friend Leighton Meester) of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” reaching over 4 million views on YouTube, Williams was the girl in that poignant Apple holiday commercial (2014) who made a duet with/for her grandmother using Garageband.

“There was an audition and I just went for it through word-of-mouth,” Dana recalled. “I think what they were looking for was someone who had a jazz background and I guess that really showed in my audition. The song that we used in the commercial was actually one of my favorite songs [‘Our Love Is Here to Stay’], so I already knew it. The whole thing just happened so organically, it worked out really well.”

Williams comes from a musical family. Her dad played guitar for Michael Jackson and her grandmother was a jazz singer. “I’ve just grown up with music, it’s something that’s been ingrained in me since I was a little kid.”

“People tell me, it would be a lot easier if I wrote pop music,” Dana noted. “And maybe that would be true, but it wouldn’t make me happy. At the end of the day, the most important part about any kind of career is that you’re happy and proud of what you’re doing.”

Dana Williams has good reason to be proud. Very proud. “Damage” is the kind of song that opens people up and let’s them experience a whole new flavor of beauty.

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Video Credits:
Director: Naomi Christie
Assistant Director: Serge Karpenko
Music Producer: Garrett Eaton
Video Producer: Cooper Wilson
Hair: Esther Vasquez
Makeup: Joanne Adolfo
Wardrobe: Cleeo Vintage

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