Everybody Panic! Interview and show review
Ty, Provo, and Cheryl Frishman

Everybody Panic! is a rock band that formed in 2012 and they hail from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They opened for Powerman 5000 at the Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan in April of 2016. The band was supporting their new EP called Attack that was recorded at Cavigold Records.

Everybody Panic! was the first band to go on that evening. They are a four member band consisting of TY on lead vocals, PROVO plays guitars, PAT is on bass and LEVI is the drummer. From the moment Everybody Panic! steps on stage they were moving and jumping and captivating their audience. Fans were moving and singing along and clearly loving the performance. TY the bands lead singer has a powerful voice and moves around the stage exciting the crowd more with every song. They have an amazing stage presence and the crowd was definitely ready for the rest of the show.

Next up was HeD PE who clearly had a large group of fans at the show singing along to every song and they put on a wonderful, long set for eager listeners. Last up was Powerman 5000, dressed in out of this world outfits and putting on their amazing light show that goes perfectly with their music. Spider and his band really know how to entertain their audience and put on a great show. This was a night full of fun and awesome music.

AXS was able to sit down with TY and PROVO from Everybody Panic! and talk with them about the tour, their new EP and what's next for the band. Check out the interview above.

For more information on Everybody Panic! check out their Facebook page for tour dates and other news.