Detroit-born Claude VonStroke looking forward to Dirtybird BBQ in hometown
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Detroit-native Barclay Crenshaw is a DJ better known by his stage name, Claude VonStroke. This weekend, Barclay will be heading home.

After leaving Metro Detroit behind, Claude VonStroke packed his wares and headed out to the west coast, out to San Francisco, to be specific. There he started the wildly-popular electronic music label known as Dirtybird, and set up his shop, alongside his collective, to lay down some new roots.

But that doesn't mean that Crenshaw doesn't like to return back to the Motor City every now and then. In fact, this holiday weekend in honor of Labor Day, he's bringing back to Detroit a trendy new tradition he'd started back in his new home of San Fran: Backyard BBQs.

"Originally, we did it in the park," fellow Dirtybird record label DJ Christian Martin told the Metro Times. "We had a sound system that I bought with, like, my credit card 10 years ago and one of our friends offered to cook, so he would go get some carne asada and then meet us out there and we'd just play music and eat food. Gradually more and more people started coming out for it, and that's how the whole thing started blowing up. And then a year and a half into the whole thing, Barclay started the record label that had the same name."

It wasn't long before the Dirtybird BBQs made their way down to sunny Miami for the Winter Music Conference, where they've been taking place for the last few years. Though the thought of expanding the festivities is certainly growing.

Recently, the first of a few planned handfuls of Dirtybird BBQs to take place around the country have sprung up, with the latest one taking place in Brooklyn, New York. Martin says that the Dirtybird crew "just killed it" and that the show was a complete success.

With the wind at their backs, the Dirtybird crew decided that it was time to head back to their roots and attempt what they hoped might be an even bigger show in Detroit. Martin also has ties to the Detroit area, and said that just being back in the Motor City for a party and BBQ like this will be well worth the effort. Besides, being in Detroit, Martin says, is always a win-win situation.

"We have such good rapport with fans in Detroit," he says. "I always love playing in there. I know that it's always going to be an insane time."

Many of the whole Dirtybird crew will be on hand for the BBQ and party, and sets are promised from founder Claude VonStroke, DJ Christian Martin, DJ J Phlip (born Jessica Phillippe), along with Justin Martin, as well. At many Dirtybird BBQs, it hasn;t been strange to see a slew of surprise guests show up and take the stage for a surprise set. Back in Brooklyn, DJ Keith Murray showed up out of the clear blue sky with only five minutes left in the show and performed and incredible set for the fans and folks on hand. Perhaps those in Detroit will be lucky enough to experience a similar treat.

The Dirtybird BBQ will take place in The Masonic Temple lot at 500 Temple St., Detroit on Sunday, August 31 from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.;; tickets are $20 and are available here.