Demi Lovato reunites with Joe Jonas for 'This is Me' in concert

Demi Lovato sure knows how to keep a secret from her fans. The young singer is on tour right now and during her stop at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this past weekend, she had a huge surprise for her "Lovatics", as her fans call themselves. According to E! News on Sunday, Lovato was joined on stage by special guestJoe Jonas for a special moment.

Unknown to the concert-goers, the 22-year-old singer started belting out the classic tune from the popular Disney TV movie, “Camp Rock”. The song is called “This is Me”, as so many may remember. Of course, fans assumed that Lovato would go it alone and were there loving every minute of it. However, right on cue, out pops Joe Jonas. The other half of the duet came strolling out as loud screams could be heard from the excited audience.

The middle Jonas brother was in on the surprise with his former flame but now good friend, Lovato. The duo went on to finish the tune just like old times. “This is Me” was one of the most popular songs to come from the “Camp Rock” soundtrack. It also brought those two to the forefront of the movie as they played love interests as well. The “Really Don’t Care” singer has continued her friendship with the Jonas family, especially Joe, and younger brother Nick Jonas.

At the end of the tune, Jonas and Lovato high-fived each other and off went Joe Jonas just as quickly as he arrived. This was such a nice surprise for those that were there to see their favorite musician. They certainly got more than they bargained for.

It is going on six years since “Camp Rock” debuted on the Disney Channel and is still a favorite musical for many young fans. Jonas sent out some photos of him and Lovato after the performance to share with everyone. It looks like those two will continue to be good friends for a long time.