Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo talks about coming back into the game on Monday night

When Tony Romo was hit in the third quarter of the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football, Cowboys fans got a sinking feeling. It was his surgically repaired back and it looked bad. He didn’t move for awhile and finally walked back to the locker room. In an interview after the Monday night game, Romo said that it wasn’t his former problems with his back, but was an injury that would have hurt, prior surgery or not.

Romo said it felt like someone drove either a knee or elbow into his back and that is what took him out of the game. Dallas has scheduled an MRI on Romo for today and his availability for the Arizona Cardinals game in week nine is in question. Romo said that he will be ready to play, but he said that last year too and missed the must-win final game of the season after undergoing back surgery.

Romo said after the game that he has been around for a long time and knows when he can and can’t play and he felt he was fine to return at the end of the game on Monday night. Sadly, by returning, it cost the Cowboys any chance they had to win the game. The Redskins knew that Romo was in a lot of pain, so they either blitzed or faked a blitz on every play for the rest of the game and Romo was running scared.

That was unfortunate because Brandon Weeden had brought the Cowboys back to life in the second half. He led the team to a field goal, which had more to do with DeMarco Murray than Weeden, and then a touchdown, which was almost all Weeden, completing all four of his passes on that drive. He finished with 4-of-6 passing for 69 yards, including a 25 yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten. He was on fire and then Romo came back.

If this game proved anything, it is that Dallas can play well if Romo is sidelined, but that is not something that the Cowboys want to see. Romo is important when it comes to the Cowboys playing well and winning game. DeMarco Murray didn’t carry the ball much late in the game because the Redskins stacked the line with 10 men, daring Dallas to throw. A healthy Romo won’t allow teams to stack the line like that.

Hopefully, Tony Romo returns for the Dallas Cowboys next game against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are 6-1 and remain one of the best teams in the NFL with one of the best rushing defenses in the league. If DeMarco Murray can’t move the ball against them, Dallas needs a player like Romo to beat them through the air.