Special Unveiling of commemorative stamp for Special Olympics World Games 2015 and "1776" performance on Thursday, July 30!
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Martha and Tom Jefferson
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Francis Charles Sheehan, Doug Jabara, and Matt Maggio.
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Benjamin Franklin and Martha Jefferson
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The cast of "1776"
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Abigail Smith Adams and John Adams
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Brianna Plummer created the costumes from scratch.
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The Massachusetts State House "stage"
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Massachusetts State House
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The cast of the award-winning musical, "1776"
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Over the summer, The Company Theatre’s heart beats true for the red, white, and blue.

With America’s foundation set in Boston and the South Shore and in the midst of tremendous celebrations everywhere during America’s birthday, The Company Theatre is proud to present the award-winning, patriotic musical "1776." This insightful musical will mark the 240th anniversary of “the shot heard round the world” in 2016 and the show continues through Sunday, August 16! Click here for more information and for tickets!

Rewind the clock to the summer of 1776 as America prepares to declare its independence from the British monarchy and the founding fathers convene to establish the Declaration of Independence and the birth of a nation. Remembering where our country came is important in discovering where it is headed.

To mark this prestigious anniversary, the cast of "1776 The Musical" is also taking the stage for two memorable occasions, following its debut weekend on July 24. On Tuesday, July 28, at the request of the Office of Senator Bob Hedlund, the cast of "1776 the Musical" delivered a monumental concert performance on the Massachusetts State House Grand Staircase at noon. The State House is located at 24 Beacon Street in Boston.

To celebrate the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, the US Postal Service will make public a national commemorate stamp at the Company Theatre on Thursday, July 30 at 7:30 p.m. The Company Theatre is a generous supporter of the Special Olympic Games. After the unveiling, there will a special performance of the musical, ‘1776’ at 7:30 p.m.

With three renowned historians guiding this production, the Company Theatre took great pains to bring as much authenticity to this era as possible. From the Abigail Adams Historical Society, Cathy Torrey and Chris Hannan devoted their time to the production, offering the Boston, Quincy, and Weymouth backgrounds of the Adams representatives featured in the show. Historian Geoffrey Campbell trained the cast on mannerisms, poise, and social norms of the era. The distinctive costumes, created by expert costume designer Brianna Plummer, were made from scratch and tailored faithfully to the period.

A compelling time in the nation’s history comes to life with the award-winning musical, ‘1776’ through Sunday, August 16! The Company Theatre located at 30 Accord Park Drive in Norwell, Massachusetts. For more information and for tickets, call the box office at 781-871-2787, email sally@companytheatre.com or click here.

To learn more about the Company Theatre’s upcoming events, visit companytheatre.com.