Check out Amanda Kravat's video, 'I Could Tell You I Don't Love You'

New York-based singer-songwriter Amanda Kravat is back and better than ever. After making a name for herself in the 1990s with Marry Me Jane, performing with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and working with VH1, she took a long hiatus to focus on her family and herself. Kravat recently released a new, four-song EP, entitled AK, which finds her exploring some of her most personal material to date.

The centerpiece of the EP is the heartbreaking love song “I Could Tell You I Don't Love You.” The deeply poetic sentiment of the track is enhanced by an accompanying lyric video. The song begins soft and sweet and patiently develops into an emotional peak before coming back down with a longing sadness.

In a recent interview with AXS, Kravat expressed her excitement for her new EP and the visually striking video for her song “Not Myself Today.” “I can’t wait for this video to be done!” she said. “Do you remember that movie, ‘Brave,’ that came out a few years ago? It had that girl with all that curly red hair? Well, we ordered a ton of Merida wigs, and we’ve got everyone in the video wearing one... even a dog!”

It's this free creativity, paired with Kravat's open storytelling, that makes her music resonate with fans. After suffering from terrible panic attacks and experiencing the death of her father, Kravat regrouped and used these traumatic events to make brave, touching music. The pain that she felt can be heard in her expressive vocals, but there is also strength at the core of her powerful melodies. Kravat can go from zero to rocker chick at a moments notice.

Besides performing with Marry Me Jane, Kravat has also previously worked on several films. She composed scores for “If Lucy Fell” and “Never Again,” among other great movies. She also appeared in the 1997 film “Most Wanted,” which starred Jon Voight and Keenen Ivory Wayans.

Kravat's new EP debuted at No. 3 on iTunes' singer-songwriter EP chart, revealing that her partnership with Viper Records is off to a great start with this debut release. AK has recently been confirmed for international distribution and Kravat is in talks for a film and TV licensing deal. Kravat's return to music is an inspiring example of someone taking their life into their own hands and making great art to share with the world.

Check out the video for “I Could Tell You I Don't Love You” above and click here to pick-up AK by Amanda Kravat. Keep your eyes peeled for tour dates, which should be announced later this year.

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