Celine Dion
Celine Dion

The past year has been a trying one for iconic singer Celine Dion. The multi-talented performer put her career on hiatus last Aug. due to the worsening condition of her husband Rene Angelil, who is currently battling throat cancer. This break saw the singer step away from her Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace. Nearly a year on, the singer is set for a comeback to the Colosseum stage for another run of shows.

Dion’s upcoming residency begins on Aug. 27, and in an interview with USA Today, the singer expects the return to the stage to be an emotional one. “That first show, it will be fragile. There will be moments. Of emptiness, laughter, awkwardness, tearing up. But that's the point of coming back — otherwise, I just release an album.”

Angelil has been a part of Dion’s entire career and furthermore, the majority of the singer’s life. The couple met when Dion was 12 and Angelil was 38. The two married in 1994 and together they advanced Dion’s career to dizzying heights, including over 200 million records sold and a veritable treasure trove of awards from around the world. On top of that, the couple also has three children together.

“Don't forget, he's been the leader of the band all my life,” says Dion. “So it [hacks] him off to not see me all day and over here working. But he wants me to do this, do the show, do the interviews. But he freaks when I'm not home with him, too.”

Despite Angelil’s ill health (he resides at the couple’s house in Las Vegas and has been fed intravenously for two years), Dion’s return to work and performing is marked by a degree of stoicism and the show must go on.

“You have two choices. You look at your husband who's very sick and you can't help, and it kills you. Or you look at your husband that's sick and you say, 'I got you. I got it. I'm here. It's going to be just fine.'” She continues, “You can have your shaking knees at the end, but when someone you love falls and needs help, it's not time to cry.”

Celine Dion’s Las Residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace begins on Aug. 27 and runs until Jan. 17. For more information on tickets click here.