Celine Dion says grateful goodbye to her husband, Rene

Celine Dion has faced what you wives and mothers could face with husband, Rene Angelil, since his cancer’s return in 2013, and years before, when it first emerged, and yesterday, January 14, his death was announced, the news updated today, January 15. Now, at last, this passage bringing him rest from the physical pain and torment, and at least for a time, cancellation of Celine’s upcoming Las Vegas shows. Theirs was a lifelong love, and the family shared in making “Papa” as comfortable and peaceful as possible through his last days, as mama continued performing since last August, as Rene had wanted. His only request was “let me die in your arms,” and assuredly, that wish was granted. Angelil and the family were at their home in Henderson, NV.

Caesar's Palace,’s performance home, posted a loving memorial to René right under her photo. “We miss you, friend. From your Caesar's Palace family. René Angelil 1942-2016.” He was 73. “We were blessed to have time with each other—time for good-bye. Most people don’t have that,” the superstar reflected last March in an intimate profile with Deborah Roberts. Her husband was making a valiant effort to be at her side as he prepared to go back on stage last August, even though he was in extremely declining health, and enduring painful treatments. “Sometimes, you don't need to feel, you just do it,” the singer said tearfully, describing that “I feed my husband, and I feed my kids,” enlisting their help as she gave her husband nourishment through his feeding tube. “You want to help me feed Papa today?” she would ask. “Want to hold the water? You are a good feeder, Nelson,” she would praise her 4 -year-old twin son. She also was very aware that 14-year-old, René Charles, knew everything of his father’s 15-year battle with his disease, whether he talked about it or not. “I really believe that children know it all,” she insists, and feels good that her teenager has outlets through sports, hockey and golf, and she also feels it was right to involve her children in their father’s daily routine, and keep life as “an open book,” no matter how difficult.

Celine Dion met Rene at age 12, when a single performance from the water will “angel” gave the 20-year veteran manager “shivers all over.” They married in 1994, and for years, dreamed of their children together. The powerhouse vocalist gave a tender and emotional performance of “All the Way” in tribute to her husband at the Sinatra 100 Grammy concert, and her pledge to be with him to fulfill his last wish in her last “USA Today” interview. “We complete each other,” she said of their union.