Blake Shelton: Tweets about his prayers for Ferguson
Blake Shelton/YouTube

Blake Shelton took to Twitter last night. The country music superstar expressed his thoughts on what was going on in the riot-filled Ferguson. According to a tweet posted on Twitter Monday, Nov. 24, Blake Shelton told the world he was praying for Ferguson, Missouri.

As fires, looting and chaos broke out in Ferguson, Missouri, Blake Shelton was asked to send a message of peace for residents of the Missouri community. Shelton sent out a personal tweet. His message was simple, but powerful. Blake Shelton's tweet was filled with compassion.

“Breaks my heart to see all the destruction,” Blake Shelton tweeted. “Praying for the community.”

Like many other Americans, there was little that Blake Shelton could do to help the residents of Ferguson. From the behavior of those rioting, looting, starting fires and destroying property, words probably would have fallen on deaf ears. Instead, he did the one thing he knew he could do. Blake Shelton prayed.

Blake Shelton, a native of Oklahoma from the small town of Ada, was not alone with his sentiments. Many others took to social media to share their thoughts on what was happening in Ferguson, Missouri. Celebrities and non-celebrities alike expressed their concern for the city.

Riots broke out throughout Ferguson, Missouri when the decision of the grand jury's decision was announced. The grand jury said that there was not enough evidence to indict the police officer that shot and killed a young, African-American man. Thousands of people, unhappy with the decision, took to the streets and began a night of terror in the community.

Unfortunately, many of the people who took to the streets were not protesting. Instead, they were stealing from local businesses, setting fires and destroying property. It has been reported that hundreds of gunshots rang out in Ferguson, Missouri.

Many people were arrested last night in Ferguson, Missouri. Damage to property is still be assessed. At the time of publication, it was unknown how many injuries, if any, there were in the chaotic town of Ferguson.

Instead of picking a side, Blake Shelton took the high road. He offered a prayer for all those who lived in the community. He sent a message of peace to Ferguson, Missouri and the rest of the world.