Beck walks with the big Album of the Year at Grammy Awards

It was almost for certain that this year's Album of the Year would be going to Beyoncé at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards aired last night on CBS. Bey's self-titled album was nominated alongside Beck's Morning Phase, Ed Sheeran X, Sam Smith In The Lonely Hour and Pharrell Williams' Girl. Even if Beyoncé weren't to get it, Sam Smith might have been another viable choice with a total of six nominations.

The Grammy panel voted to name Beck Morning Phase the Album of the Year. Stunned, Beck made his way to the stage before being pranked by Kanye West. West took off to the stage like his stunt with Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards years ago. Jokingly he waved it off and walked back to his seat (CBS shows another angle not aired). Though Beck in shock says, "Come back! I need some help."

Awkward and at a loss for words, Beck thanks the people who helped him on the record at his house and his kids for letting him "keep them awake a little bit extra longer (sic)." While Morning Phase wasn't commercially successful in comparison with Beyoncé, the set grabbed rave reviews and praise across the board from music outlets.

Earlier in the night, Beck also took home the award for Best Rock Album where he was nominated against U2 Songs of Innocence.

At the 11 p.m. time slot, Beck took the Grammy stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles to perform "Heart Is A Drum" partnering up with Chris Martin of Coldplay. Hypnotizing the audience with the ethereal vibe of the single, Martin and Beck harmonized as best they could. The song could be called Coldplay-lite naturally fitting Martin in the track. Chris stepped back when the pair wrapped it up to let the big winner have his shining moment though in his humble nature Beck pulled him back forward.

The 57th Annual Grammy Awards were a three and a half hour party with few awards being televised so for viewers the night went to Sam Smith and Beck winning major categories.