Arika Kane hosts 'Thru the Veil' album release party

Singer, songwriter, and producer Arika Kane hosted the album release party for Thru the Veil on Thursday night in NYC. The private event took place at the HARMAN Flagship Store on Madison Ave., where guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and beverages while they previewed Kane’s upcoming album. Thru the Veil, coming Oct. 28, features the perfect mix of R&B and pop tracks, and showcases Kane’s undeniable star power.

The 29-year-old stated that balancing the R&B and pop worlds comes naturally for her. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she told AXS in an exclusive interview. “There are influences that have helped that... Chaka Khan, Donna Summer – who is one of my favorite voices, and she was able to completely cross genres.

“I want to cross genres but keep the soul and the substance,” she continued. “I don’t know why artists aren’t doing that, to be honest with you. I almost feel like it’s my job.”

Thru the Veil is Kane’s third album, and the progression is clear to both listeners and the singer herself. “It’s progressed in a way of transformation through life experience,” she shared. “As an independent artist, I’ve been through everything you could possibly go through... every obstacle... being shut out of the industry and all that.

“My lyrics are only getting stronger and more rebellious, and on Thru the Veil... I’m really claiming my success, and I’m not going to let somebody else taking something from me,” she continued. “That’s what this third album is for me, and I’m hoping it will rub off on the people and the fans, so they can continue to pursue what they want to pursue, and claim their success.”

One of Kane’s motivational singles, “Make It,” was chosen to be the theme song of hit VH1 show “Hollywood Exes,” and other songs by Kane have been featured on “Basketball Wives,” “Love & Hip Hop,” “Single Ladies,” and other reality shows. Kane said the placements have been a great opportunity.

“The theme song from ‘Hollywood Exes’... is inspiring, and it’s about women empowering themselves, and choosing to be on their own, and be successful on their own,” she explained. “I think it’s beautiful because women... it’s our time to shine.”

Kane is definitely shining brightly on Thru the Veil, on which she also served as a producer. The project also features production by BSE Recordings’ Lou Humphrey and Jazz Joyner, and artist features from Grammy-nominated singer Brian McKnight (“It’s There”), hip-hop artist Jean Grae (“Anywhere But Up”), and Grand Puba of Brand Nubian (“Unwritten Script”).

Arika Kane’s Thru the Veil is available for pre-order on Amazon. Learn more about the singer on her website, Twitter, and Facebook.