Kirk Thurmond of Kirk Thurmond and the Millenials
Kirk Thurmond of Kirk Thurmond and the Millenials
Joseph Lacerte- Used with permission

The Dallas music scene is vibrantly alive with new artists coming onto the scene, and has been heating up quite a bit here lately. As a musically inclined area, DFW has been known to provide the world with exceptional performers to include such well-known artists as Kelly Clarkson and the members of the band Drowning Pool. Stepping out onto the music scene in Dallas can be quite a harrowing task, but not so much for Kirk Thurmond. AXS obtained an exclusive interview today, Dec. 21, 2015 with Kirk Thurmond of Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials regarding their first EP single release, how the band came to be, and what we can expect in the future.

Mr. Thurmond has lived in Dallas for most of his life. He has been on the music scene in DFW performing for a couple of years. Most recently he formed a band called Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials. Their debut single "Break Free" just released on Friday, Dec. 11 from their upcoming album which has a March release date. The album has some collaboration with Philip Creamer from the Dallas based band Dovetail. In speaking about the new single, Kirk said he wrote it “on a hot and humid Houston afternoon and I wrote a tune about how CNN just really bummed me out.”

Kirk loves Dallas. His favorite thing about Dallas and Dallas music is “how underrated it is.” He states that working hard to become a serious act is possible in Dallas where in some other cities it might be harder to get in front of a crowd. One of his favorite places to play is at the Kessler. He stated that it is one of the neater places to play in Dallas, and they are willing to give start up acts a chance to play.

To find out more about Kirk Thurmond and the Millenials, you can check out their website. To interact with the artist and band there is also a Twitter account as well as a Facebook page.