Taylor Swift is up for six AMAs this year
Taylor Swift is up for six AMAs this year

It's incredibly rare that we crunch numbers here at AXS. But today just seemed like the type of day to flex our statistics muscle, so we rummaged through storage for our green eyeshade visor, made sure our bankers lamp was still operable, opened up a fresh ream of paper, took the dust covering off our adding machine, and began running figures and data through the contraption to bring you an in-depth, numerical look at the American Music Awards.


This year’s American Music Awards will be the award show’s 43rd year in production. Beginning in 1973, the program was conceived by Dick Clark after ABC lost the contract to present the Grammy Awards.


The number of statuettes that the AMAs have awarded to musicians and artists since 1974.


The number of statuettes that will be awarded to artists this year.


The number of times that the Microsoft Theater (formerly the Nokia Theatre) in Los Angeles has held the AMAs, including this year.


The number of artists confirmed to perform at the 2015 ceremony. The lineup includes the best and most exciting in pop music, like Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Demi Lovato, Coldplay and more.


The age of the youngest nominee Justin Bieber, who in the age stakes just beats out One Direction’s Harry Styles; Bieber was born March 1, 1994, while Styles was born Feb. 1, 1994. Bieber is nominated for Collaboration of the Year for “Where Are Ü Now,” with Jack Ü.


Paul McCartney is the oldest nominee who could share an AMA; The former Beatle is competing for Collaboration of the Year as well for his contributions to Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds.”


Michael Jackson holds the record for most AMAs won. In 1984, he won 8 in one ceremony.


Taylor Swift is up for the most AMAs this year, including Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Collaboration of the Year, Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist, Favorite Pop/Rock Album, and Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist.

5.3 million

The number of records that Taylor Swift’s 1989 has sold in the U.S. since its release last October. The album is nominated for Favorite Pop/Rock Album, battling against Ed Sheeran’s X and Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour, which both sold 1.7 million and 2 million in the U.S. respectively.

16 and 22

Taylor Swift has won 16 American Music Awards. If she brings home all six trophies that she is nominated for this year, her tally will be 22, moving her into second place on the list for most AMA wins over Whitney Houston, who won 21.

44, 50, 235, and 241

So far in 2015, Taylor Swift has won an eye-watering 44 awards, which if she wins all six AMAs that she’s up for, she will end up with a nice round 50 awards for the year. Further, Swift has won 235 awards in her career, which again, if she wins all six AMAs, will bring her career tally to 241.


The amount of people in the general public who know what the hell a FiFi Award is. Taylor Swift took home a FiFi this year for “Incredible Things,” her perfume that won Fragrance of the Year: Women’s Popular.


The amount of money that Madonna’s 1987 Favorite Pop/Rock Female Video Artist AMA sold for in a 2013 auction. It was the only award the singer won in '87.


The number of “Black” AMAs the show has handed out. Yes, for one year in 1985, the AMAs made categories specifically for black artists, including Black Group Video, Black Male, Black Male Video, Black Single, Black Single Video, Black Album, Black Female, Black Female Video, and Black Group. To the credit of the AMAs, they got it correct that year, as Prince’s Purple Rain won for Black Album, and against all odds, even beat out the rest of the field as the record won for Pop/Rock Album too.


The year that you think the black awards were handed out the first time you read that the AMAs once had separate categories for black performers.


The number of politicians who have won an AMA prize. Former “American Idol” contestant Clay Aiken ran for North Carolina’s 2nd congressional district in 2014. He lost, but on the upside, his mantle still holds his 2003 AMA for Fans Choice Award, so, silver linings. If you want to jump the gun and count Kanye West, the number turns into--yep, you guessed it--two.


The number of factories that have won American Music Awards. C+C Music Factory defeated Color Me Badd and Guns N’ Roses for the Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group AMA of ‘92.


The 30th and 31st American Music Awards were both held in 2003, one at the beginning of the year in January, and the second in November. Tim McGraw and Celine Dion picked up prizes at both ceremonies. Bonus: at the January ceremony, Eminem won for Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist over Ja Rule and Nelly, and The Eminem Show won for Soul/R&B album, thus confirming that 2002 was the slowest year on record for R&B releases.


The number of times a television program soundtrack has won for Top Soundtrack. In 2007, “High School Musical II” won, while five years ago in 2010, “Glee” took home the award. Besides that, the award has usually gone to films.


The combined number of years that PSY and MC Hammer have been irrelevant. The two teamed up for a memorable performance of “Gangnam Style” and “2 Legit 2 Quit” in 2012, and no one has looked back since.

5.6 million

The number of tweets that viewers typed out during the 2014 broadcast. The massive amount is due in part to a deal that the AMAs and Twitter struck where fans could tweet out artwork of musicians they created, and musicians would retweet the best ones. For this year, the AMAs have hatched an Emoji challenge that viewers can take part in.


The number of American Music Awards that Milli Vanilli won, and quite possibly the only awards that the group still has. The lip-syncing duo won the Grammy for Best New Artist in 1990 and won three AMAs for Pop/Rock New Artist, Pop/Rock Single, and Soul/R&B Artist in the same year. The Grammys subsequently stripped the group of their trophy, but the AMA organizers figured that since the fans voted for the duo, they should hold on to the awards.

Approximately 82

The combined number of separate denim patches that were required to quilt together Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ infamous denim red carpet look at the 2001 AMAs.

The American Music Awards airs this Sunday, Nov. 22 at 8/7 CT on ABC. Jennifer Lopez will host.