New York’s classic literary landmarks

New York, New York. The city has appeared in song, music, and just about any other art form you can think of- including books. So it should be no surprise that the city is teeming with literary landmarks. No trip to the city is complete for any book lover without taking a stroll to see some of your favorite classic book locations in the real world. And don’t forget to snap a picture while you’re at it. They make for a unique souvenir that will earn you the envy of everyone in your book club.

Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Readers either love or hate this classic by Salinger. It probably doesn’t help that so many people are required to read it in high school. But no matter what you think about Holden Caulfield and his angsty travels through the city there’s no denying that many New York landmarks made an appearance in this novel. Caulfield’s journey takes him from the famed carousel at The Central Park Zoo, to the Biltmore Hotel, The Museum of Natural History, and even the skating rink at Rockefeller Plaza. It doesn’t get any more New York than that!

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

With the recent release of the Leonardo DiCaprio starring film U.S. movie goers are having a love affair with Gatsby that readers have had for a long time. Whether you know the tale from the movies or the pages of a book New York’s historic Plaza Hotel is a great place to visit. While Daisy, her husband Tom, and Gatsby used it as the scene of a big showdown you’ll be amazed at the splendor of this luxury hotel.

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

Four years before The Great Gatsby was published Edith Wharton’s twelfth novel, The Age of Innocence won the Pulitzer Prize. This story of forbidden love is as captivating today as it was nearly a hundred years ago. Also just as fascinating is The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met, as it is affectionately known, was used as a meeting spot for Wharton’s characters. But you will fall just as in love with it’s fine collection and it’s unique temporary exhibits.