New track 'All of Your Life' by Gunslinger will make speakers jump
Photo provided by Gunslinger, permission to use.

Electronic music duo Gunslinger will make speakers jump with their new deep house production called “All of Your Life”. This new track comes with massive bass bumps, cool robotic vocals, and very danceable beats. Additionally, the beats are very groovy and carry a boat-load of jamming vibes.

Gunslinger also used Infected Mushroom’s “I Wish” plugin to help created the new track “All of Your Life”.  The plug used works as a glitchy, rhythmic effect for this new track that will rock out at many clubs and festivals to come. It really is a deep hard-hitting house track that has awesome beats. It packs a nice punch, and electronic music lovers will really dig this track. To get a free download on this new track, click here

Gunslinger has toured with Infected Mushroom in the recent past and has also collaborated with Shpongle. The duo has also opened for Pendulum and Tiesto while working with labels like Universal, Last Gang, BugEyed, Magik Muzik/Black Hole, and Audiophile.

“All of Your Life”, released on Sept. 26, was done with label AIA. The track touches upon one of many genres that the duo loves to experiment with. These electronic music genres that Gunslinger master include trance, electro, and deep house.

The duo has recently played at the 2016 Burning Man in Nevada, California, and will be doing some shows at the Pismocean Festival and Holy Ship. Gunslinger has a lot of experience with topping charts with their music in the past. Their Deep EP trended #2 on Soundcloud, and their Grid EP peaked at #2 on Beatport Electro House Chart.

Many other EPs and tracks have charted in Beatport Electro House Chart, as Gunslinger have the talent to create superb electronic music. In the end, the new track “All of Your Life” should have much success, as it will rock out clubs and festivals to come.