Neurosis will change the way you experience music forever

It is a testament to a band’s tenacity and talent when that band can persevere for three decades in a music landscape that is in constant flux with the world’s often fickle musical tastes. Neurosis is one such band that has lasted through three decades by playing the music that speaks to its members as well as its fans.

Neurosis was founded in 1985 as a hardcore punk band by three members of the band Violent Coercion. The band’s sound was always adapting but it took a big turn in 1990 when it added a synthesizer/sampler into the mix and released the EP “The Word as Law” which began the bands progression away from punk and into the realm of post-metal. The band continued to refine its sound and got a break in 1996 when it released its “Through Silver in Blood” album and toured with the heavy metal mega-band Pantera. The band also created an ambient side project band, The Tribes of Neurot, and its own record label in the early 2000’s. Neurosis cites many bands such as Killing Joke, Pink Floyd, and Black Sabbath as inspirations for the band as well as authors such as Jack London, Phillip K. Dick, and Cormac McCarthy as further inspirations for the band’s sound, lyrics, and performances. Neurosis has been the inspiration for many bands and was cited by one publication, “Terrorizer Magazine,” as being one of the most influential bands in recent years.

Neurosis really sets itself apart from its peers in its live performances. The band brings all of the elements that one would expect from a band of its ilk and then some. Scott Kelly’s vocals and guitar work shine as one of the best in the genre and Scott Von Till also shines on the guitar and vocals while also working on the filters and textures. Dave Edwardson’s bass and synthesizer help set the backdrop for the musical mayhem that occurs on the stage and Noah Landis’ organs, piano and samples help set the atmosphere of the show that is unique to the band. Jason Roeder on drums is the perfect complement to the band’s sound and fleshes out the sound that is undeniably created by Neurosis and which no other band can match. What really sets a Neurosis concert as one of the best is the visuals that the band uses to accompany its music. Neurosis has always prided itself in providing a completely immersive experience for the fans so that all of their senses are stimulated to create an experience that other bands cannot match. Neurosis does not utilize visuals that are just a backdrop to the music. It uses its visuals to interact with the music and become an active part of the show. The band’s visuals are so powerful that the film “Altered States” utilized the visuals that the band created for its tour supporting “Through Silver in Blood.” Attending a Neurosis concert is a singular chance to become immersed in a mind-altering world of music and visuals that provides an experience that will never be forgotten and may even change the way in which the audience will forever perceive music in the future.

Anyone that has heard Neurosis has heard something that cannot be found anywhere else and anyone lucky enough to have attended a Neurosis concert knows the transformative nature of the show. Neurosis has dedicated itself to creating an experience that can be found nowhere else and has proven the power of this experience over the last thirty years. The band continues to adapt and expand upon the phenomena that it has created and there is no end in sight. Neurosis not only creates music for its fans. It creates an perception-changing experience with every album and every show that leaves its mark on the mind of everyone who has heard the band’s music or attended a live show.