Movieguide an excellent resource for good holiday movie choices

A holiday movie that is appropriate for a whole family and/or group of friends is a traditional treat. Being able to find good information for choices of excellent movies for families and friends is helpful. Through interviews, meetings, and correspondence with Dr. Ted Baehr, founder of Movieguide, it is encouraging to learn more and more about the many resources Movieguide provides individuals, families, and friends to help them find the best movies.

Movieguide has been in an ongoing process of developing and providing invaluable information and continuing resources to individuals and families seeking good, positive, redemptive content in movies and television for the past few decades. It continues as an excellent resource for families and individuals seeking inspirational, uplifting, and/or family-friendly movies in theaters or for home entertainment, especially for the holidays.

Movieguide has continued since its founding in 1985 by Dr. Ted Baehr, who has served as the president of the Episcopal Radio & Television Foundation and as the director of the Television Center at the City University of New York. Further, he is a graduate of high distinction in Comparative Literature from Dartmouth College. Furthermore, he received his Juris Doctor from NYU School of Law. He served there as the editor of the NYU Law School Newspaper.

Dr. Baehr has also founded the Christian Film & Television Commission ministry (CFTVC) with which Movieguide is associated. According to Movieguide, both “Movieguide and CFTVC are dedicated to redeeming the values of the entertainment industry, according to biblical principles, by influencing industry executives and artists and by informing and educating the public about the influence of the entertainment media and about how to train their families to become media-wise, so they can choose the good and reject the bad.”

Movieguide provides timely reviews of current movies in theaters and of new releases of movies on DVD. Further, it provides interesting interviews and industry articles of current interest. It also makes available Top 10 Lists in various categories: holiday, Biblical, animated, comedies, sports, and more. Along with its online magazine, Movieguide presents a two-minute TV show and two-minute and five-minute radio shows. These resources are available on the World Wide Web and broadcast, cablecast and satellite-cast in more than 200 countries and territories.

Dr. Baehr has shared that when he started this work in 1985 that only 6% of the movies were aimed at families and that by 2008 45% of the movies released in theaters were aimed at families. He has observed that the family films grossed an average 200% better than movies aimed at the adult marketplace. He also seen that in 1985 81% of the movies were rated R but that since 2001 less than 40% of the major movies released theatrically were R-rated. He has shared how he has followed this continuing trend to the present day.

Movieguide hosts its Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry in Hollywood around the time of the Academy Awards each year. At this event the best family-friendly, moral, and redemptive movies and TV shows of the previous year are honored. At the gala Dr. Ted Baehr presents a statistical analysis based on Movieguide reviews. His analysis has consistently shown studio executives and filmmakers that family-friendly content, Christian-friendly, and/or conservative content is profitable.

Dr. Baehr has presented that since the beginning of the Movieguide Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala in 1993, the number of movies with morally uplifting, biblical and or positive Christian content has more than tripled. He also has shown that the number of R-rated movies among the Top 25 Movies at the Box Office has significantly declined from about 12 per year to only two or three each year.

Movieguide, under the leadership of Dr. Ted Baehr and his team, has been providing invaluable information and resources to individuals and families seeking good content in movies and television. Further, through grants and awards, mentoring and instruction, speaking events and interviews, Dr. Baehr and Movieguide have provided powerful inspiration, motivation, and assistance to redemptive filmmakers and media developers.