Marcus Miller redefines jazz by stepping outside, above and beyond traditions
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Grammy Award-winning bassist/composer/producer Marcus Miller is always expanding his horizons. At times he does this with conscious intent and at other times it comes through his natural instinct to stretch himself in different directions. As a modern pioneer of electric bass guitar, Marcus Miller has worked within many different styles of music including hip-hop, electronic, classical and R&B. But jazz is his true calling. In addition to his awesome bass guitar skills, Marcus plays the bass clarinet and piano. He has appeared on more than 500 albums and recorded with an amazing array of artists including Miles Davis, Elton John, Grover Washington, Jr., Chaka Khan, LL Cool J and Frank Sinatra.

Marcus Miller’s combination of soulful groove and astounding technical ability has made him one of the jazz world’s preeminent virtuoso bassists. As an artist, he has developed a personal bass language of certain sounds and ideas that reemerge in his works. For his fans, these are his signature sounds. For Marcus Miller’s creative spirit and energetic muse, this personal bass language also keeps his schedule crammed with offers to compose and perform music for television, documentaries, and film scores. He recently performed on the motion picture soundtrack to Steve Harvey’s hit film “Think Like A Man.”

He is not only a player, but a creator, interpreter and collaborator. As a master and mentor he helps players become artists and distributes his creative process among many different participants. Through improvisations and featured soloing, Miller often sets up opportunities for members of his ensembles to figure something out, to discover something, to become something, and to transform themselves. His recent performances with Kennedy Center Honoree Herbie Hancock at the SF Jazz Center in San Francisco, with the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, and at last month’s International Jazz Day Global Concert in Osaka, Japan, all reveal that wisdom and continue to inspire would-be jazz bass guitarists to pursue their dreams of becoming acclaimed bassists.

Marcus Miller has received two Grammy Awards and countless other honors. Over the course of his career, Miller has performed on six continents and continues to sell out performances around the world. His stellar bass playing and highly acclaimed chart-topping compositions inspire fans to support Miller’s concert appearances wherever and whenever.

“Millerheads” in Los Angeles can experience the artistry of Marcus Miller at Catalina’s Jazz Club from Thursday, June 19 through Sunday, June 22. With his current working band which consists of Alex Han - saxophone, Lee Hogans - trumpet, Brett Williams - keyboards, Adam Agati - guitar, and Ronald Bruner Jr. – drums, Miller is pushing himself to new creative heights.