Annette Conlon
Annette Conlon used by permission

The CD is called, Life, Death and the Spaces Between. Annette Conlon suffered a near death head injury and this CD was born as a result of that. The first impression you get when you see this CD is that it is a nice retail ready package and is somewhat earth friendly. Conlon is nice looking as well so she could easily find herself in a recording deal. This is a fifteen song CD so it was a fairly ambitious undertaking. Conlon's styling, vocals and lyrics are the definition of an Americana artist.

Cedar Box

This is an interesting look at death. Most people either write happy or sad songs about this subject. This is a little of both.

Live Like an Angel

The banjo in the background and Conlon’s voice make this song lean towards a decidedly old country or folk sound.

Life, Death and the Spaces Between

The chorus lines seem to be a little forced as she sings them. This leads to a rather unforced and relaxed feeling.

First Suicide

Conlon has a very interesting quality to her voice in this song. This is an unexpected track that many listeners have called one of their favorites.

Signed, Love Me

This has an early Spanish feel to it. The song feels more like a medieval ballad than a modern song. That is actually a good thing.


You can imagine an old western theme rolling by as you listen to this tune. The banjo plays a predominantly strong part in this song.

Without You

There is no doubt as you listen to this song that the singer is paying homage to her parents. It is a great little tune and a highlight of the CD. The mandolin here is a nice touch.

Faceless Angel

Here is an interesting look at inevitability and how we all look at them. Not your standard fare but a very welcome aurally satisfying song.


This is a sampling of what might happen if a punk rocker tried to release a country influenced song. Yes it’s an odd assortment but it does work very well.

Ten Thousand Steps

If you listen there is a lot going on in this song. Both musically and lyrically it is deceptively simple and yet complex. The pedal steel is a welcomed instrument in the mix.

That’s the Way It Goes

Yes, opposites can indeed attract. If you pay attention in this song you will see that Conlon puts a lot of passion into pointing out that often the dissimilarities between people can bond them together.

Canyon Winds

You can close your eyes and imagine this playing on a jukebox in an old country honky-tonk. The song has a country western feel that works very well in context.

Off the Rails

There is a lilting melody here and Conlon uses her voice to transfer that into emotion. The tremolo guitar part plays nicely if you listen for it.

You gave me Wings

The least radio friendly song on the CD as it was just not as strong as the other tunes. It is not a bad tune but it has the least commercial appeal than the other tracks.

Sweet Sophia

This is a nice love song to her cat. This one will strike a chord with kitty owners everywhere.

If you are looking for a CD full of music that sounds completely polished and like everything else out there, pass on this. If however you want something that sounds like nothing else you have heard lately this might just be your cup of tea. Learn more about Annette Conlon by visiting her website.