Les Bohem shares new track 'Fancy Footwork' from latest LP
Used with permission by Working Brilliantly

Les Bohem shares the new track "Fancy Footwork" from his latest album Moved to Durate. The track has a good ol' fashioned Americana feel to it. It reminds you of iconic singer/songwriters like Tom Waits and John Denver. It has a homegrown, mellow vibe to it that'll get your feet tapping. You can stream the song here.

Bohem may be known for his television work today, but he's also an accomplished musician. In the 1980s he rocked out with groups Gleaming Spires and Sparks. He then turned his attention to movies and wrote scripts for "A Nightmare on Elmstreet 5" and "The Horror Show." But it was his writing for the film "Twenty Bucks" that got him noticed and earned him an Independent Spirit award. Once his writing career took off, he received credits for acclaimed movies like "Dante's Peak" and "Taken." His latest work can be found on the Hulu series "Shut Eye."

When he's not working on music or movies, he's writing books. Bohem wrote the short novel Flight 505 and his short story, "Geister" can be found in the collection Book of Horrors offered by Blumhouse Books.

Bohem dropped his debut solo album, Moved to Durate, in December, 2016. You can pick up a copy here.