Katy Perry roars past Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber in Twitter followers
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Pop superstar Katy Perry has become the reigning Queen of Twitter. The popular social media site took time out to recognize Her Excellence in a congratulatory tweet on July 1 which reads, “It's party time, @katyperry! With 90 million on the guest list, we're gonna need a really big dance floor. ❤️” Perry proudly replied, “Dang this is tight,” adding a smiling, sunglasses-wearing emoji.

The “Roar” songstress has plenty to beat her victory chest about with the accolade, now doesn’t she? She eclipses her lyrical “Bad Blood” nemesis Taylor Swift who sits comfortably in the Twitter Big Wigs league behind her with a mere 79 million followers while pop music’s resident bad boy Justin Bieber is nipping more closely at Perry’s heels sporting 83.9 million followers. Plus, all three of these supremely popular kids have attracted more followers than current POTUS Barack Obama who courts a respectable 75.8 million followers. To give her Twittersphere domination yet one more comparison, Perry’s on-again, off-again former beau John Mayer humbly holds a followership of 790K.

While Perry has never seemed like a gloating kind of gal, she’s obviously (and deservedly) proud of her new distinction among the social media gods and goddesses. Although, it looks like the “Firework” singer didn’t set off any sparks to celebrate her newfound status. She followed up her acknowledgment tweet with this one: “Every1 else havin a lit Friday night & I'm here examining the nose pore cleaner strip I just peeled off & I must say, nothing can top this.”

Does anyone else remember what a big deal it was when hunky actor Ashton Kutcher finally reached his goal of harnessing one million Twitter followers back in 2009? The number seems so small seven years later. YouTube comes it at No. 5 in the Twitter ranking behind President Obama with an impressive 62.7 million followers. Rhi-Rhi (Rhianna) follows in sixth place with 62.2 million, Lady Gaga hits No. 7 with 60.9 million, talk show mogul Ellen DeGeneres snags No. 8 with 60.6 million, Justin Timberlake tips in at No. 9 with 55.6 million and Twitter itself rounds out the Top 10 most followed at 55.5 million.

But, back to Katy Perry, our current Twitter Queen. She has lovingly shared updates, announcements, funny pics, witty quotes and more with her loyal KatyKats since February 2009. The 13-time Grammy winner and four-time Guinness World Record holder has largely kept it “real” and rarely engaged in Twitter “rants,” save for the time she seemed to throw some shade at her former pal Swifty when she criticized her for Swift’s Nicki Minaj VMA nomination Twitter dress down. On July 22, 2015 Perry wrote, “Finding it ironic to parade the pit women against other women argument about as one unmeasurably capitalizes on the take down of a woman …”

But, it’s closing in on a year since Perry penned the snarky tweet and the dust may finally be settling between the highly-influential female pop stars. For now, the Forbes 2015 Highest-Paid Woman in Music (earning a cool $135 million last year) is playing the humble card (at least in her Twitter bio) which at the time of printing is currently a one-word declaration: “Growing …” Here’s to wondering which stratosphere Katy Perry will land on when she finally reaches the figurative, emotional, and/or physical summit she’s striving for.