Kathleen Madigan a comedian for the mature woman

Kathleen Madigan is the comedian for women of intelligence and maturity to enjoy. Her sense of humor resonates with the mindset of women who are of the baby-boomer generation. Kathleen has already had a career span of over 25 years. With 10,000 baby boomers turning sixty-five every day for the next eighteen years, she has a built in and devoted audience for another decade or two.

One of her routines is called, “Oprah and the Economy.” You will be pleased that she does not talk down to the audience. For the bright baby boomer woman, it is a breath of fresh air to feel like she celebrates that women are smart. This routine is hilarious but hits right to the heart of how women get pulled in so many directions. She talks about how on one show Oprah would encourage women to buy a $500.00 pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. Then the next Oprah show would be full of women crying because of credit card debt they could no longer handle. Women relate to her humor because it addresses feelings of insecurities. We let the media convince us that we must have the designer, this or that to be happy and be successful. Then many women have to face the consequences that in keeping up with the designer lifestyle, they have ruined their finances. Kathleen wraps it all up this up in a delightfully funny tale.

In her monolog called, “Driving Mom to Drink,” the language is rough, but the message and humor are a reality many women understand. We can visualize as she tells about her mother standing on the porch, drink in one hand, cigarette in the other, yelling at the neighbor kids. This oration brings laughter, because it is something about every mother has felt like doing, but hasn’t. Her delivery and timing are perfect. She also gives us a moment to reflect and get the picture in our mind before she rushes into the next sentence.

She is hysterical as she describes a serious subject in a story called, “In Others Words Kate.” She begins by asking the question, “What kind of a person answers a suicide hotline?” She continues to spin the story explaining what would happen if she was the person being called. Her story builds that if she answered the call she would listen to their problem, and agree with them because she probably has the same situation. Her delivery is funny, but once again, her intelligent humor makes us think about things such as suicide in a more compassionate way.

In her video, “Here's an idea....Starbucks,” she shares common sense advice to the owner of Starbucks. She makes a suggestion to the owner to have just a line for plain coffee. We have all felt that way when waiting forever for the fancy stuff to get made. Yeah, just a line, just for coffee, now that makes sense. She should run for President.

For an insightful and fun woman’s night out, head for one of Kathleen Madigan’s shows. You will leave laughing, but you will also leave with some new perspectives about life. What a novel idea to be funny without being insulting to our intelligence.

To see Kathleen Madigan in person should be on your bucket list.