Jim Jefferies makes a 'Legit' comedy career out of telling it like it is

Jim Jefferies is not your friend. Not that he's not a nice guy (he is), but the Australian stand-up comic has made a career out of telling you exactly what he thinks and exactly how it is, whether you want to hear it or not. Whether it's on stage or more recently on television, he is one of the most uncompromising comics in the business.

Maybe he's learned to hang tough because he broke into the business the hard way. Jefferies first became known for being attacked while on stage at the Manchester Comedy Store in April of 2007. Thankfully, as reported by UK comedy website Chortle, he was okay - and even came back on stage for an encore and a whole second show after that. Since then, it's as if nothing can faze him. He achieved fame in the United States following his 2009 HBO special "Jim Jefferies: I Swear To God." Two more specials followed in 2010 and 2012, the latter also the same year that cable network FX handed him the keys to his own half-hour black comedy series.

"Legit" premiered on FX in January 2013, with Jefferies and veteran TV director-producer Peter O'Fallon having created a harshly hilarious show based on Jefferies' stand-up material and life experiences. Jefferies played an exaggerated version of himself, an Australian stand-up comedian named, unsurprisingly, Jim Jefferies. Accompanied by his best friend Steve (Dan Bakkedahl) and Steve's handicapped brother Billy (former "Memphis Beat" star DJ Qualls), fictional Jim tried to tackle all the problems of a modern day, middle-aged man and often made them worse. From death to drugs to high school reunions, "Legit" handled many subjects with the bluntness of a hammer, and provided a weekly audience for Jefferies' dark and often blue comedy.

With "Legit" having completed its second - and since announced as its final - season on FX's comedy network FXX, Jefferies is back on the road this summer and fall, returning to his stand-up roots with the "Day Streaming" tour. If you like your humor with more than a little bite, make a point of checking him out. Just don't be surprised if he goes somewhere you wouldn't have expected or even dared; that's what has him in a comedy class of his own.