Jim Jefferies live at the Keswick Theatre June 27
Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies may just be the most likable comic within the “excessively obscene” genre of comedy, achieving an amiability which can be difficult to obtain for most sex/drug/bodily function based comedians. His HBO comedy special “I Swear To God” was what broke Jefferies through to American audiences in 2009, displaying his brutally honest comedic stylings in all of their politically incorrect glory. Of course, being attacked on stage infamously in 2007 at the Manchester Comedy Store also helped to boost all of the buzz surrounding Jefferies’ live performances, with Jefferies even offering the footage of his own assault to his fans on his live DVD “Contraband.”

While his capacity for caustic indifference/animosity is beyond question, there is ultimately a sense of compassion and perhaps even sadness that emanates from Jefferies’ standup performances. Unlike more standard raunchy comics like Jim Norton or Lisa Lampanelli, Jefferies’ comedy seems to possess more depth, with his obscenity functioning more as an entertaining backdrop than the focal point of his comedic presence.

His FX show, “Legit” which ran for two seasons from 2013 to 2014, perfectly illustrates Jefferies’ charm as a scathing but loving comedic presence. On the surface it can be interpreted as a rather harsh mockery of mentally disabled individuals, with Jefferies’ often brutal humor at the forefront. A look beyond the surface however, showcases Jefferies’ compassionate core through his democratic treatment of those around him. None are safe from his biting yet endearing insults. See Jim Jefferies live at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside PA, Saturday June 27.