Jim Gaffigan's broad appeal more than jokes about Hot Pockets
Jim Gaffigan/YouTube

Comedian, actor and author Jim Gaffigan talks a lot about food. His best-known bit is lampooning Hot Pockets in every way possible, down to making fun of their overly simple advertising jingle. He's discussed McDonald's, bacon, kale, seafood, various types of cake, and why artists paint pictures of fruit rather than donuts. Gaffigan's food-related repertoire is hilarious, and surprisingly astute (wait until you hear what he has to say about the similarities of Mexican food).

Yet if all you know about Gaffigan is that he's a middle-aged guy joking about food, you don't really know his comedy. He has plenty of other topics to amusingly skew, from the quirks of marriage to questionable Halloween costumes for women (all of them) and the dramas of raising five children in a two-bedroom apartment in New York City. Just about any aspect of daily life is fair game, and the fact that he's covering bases like parenting and laziness means that his entire spiel is relatable, no matter who you are or what city he's playing in.

Many of his punchlines are followed up by his unique tendency to comment on his own act, and sometimes even his own shortcomings, using a different voice. This meta commentary adds even more laughs to what is already a side-splitting routine that earned him the award for Concert Comedian at the 2014 American Comedy Awards, and made his last Comedy Central special the network's most-watched stand-up special of the year.

Gaffigan's appeal knows no medium, either. In 2012, Rolling Stone named him one of their 25 Funniest People on Twitter, where he has nearly two million followers. The next year, his first book entitled Dad Is Fat spent three months on the New York Times Best Sellers list; he's currently working on a follow-up. He's also been seen on TV (My Boys, Law & Order) and on Broadway (in a revival of That Championship Season opposite Kiefer Sutherland and The Good Wife star Chris Noth).

In today's marketplace of edgier comedy, it's not always easy to find a great comedian whose act is appropriate for the entire family. And it's even harder to find a comedian whose routine actually makes you think twice about what he's got to say. Jim Gaffigan is not only hilarious, but family-friendly, and also pretty right about a lot of things. When he comes to your town, definitely make a point of seeing him - you just might want to have dinner before the show.