Jessica Campbell’s ‘III’ is now available for pre-order

Jessica Campbell’s upcoming album is simply titled III and it is a crisp wonderland of vivid snapshots of her life at this moment. Each song has its own marvelous personality and Campbell offers caring attention to every detail so the songs all sparkle with their own individuality. The album will be available on October 7, but you can pre-order now and get three of the songs before the album is even released!

Jessica chose the name III because it is her third album and there wasn’t a song title that really seemed capable of effectively capturing the vast essence of this masterpiece. Furthermore, she just celebrated her third anniversary with her husband, and at the time of the release Jessica will be 33!

“Albums are a snapshot of where you are in life and what’s going on musically at the time,” Jessica told in a recent interview. “It’s just kind of cool because III represents more than one part of my life.”

Jessica’s III starts off with an absolutely killer track called “Brighter Days.” The gutsy, sparse piano and Campbell’s sweet, girl-group vocals combine to evoke images of poodle skirts, malt shops, and days of innocence. She has an uncanny ability to convey imagery through melody and timbre.

Another chart worthy track is the driving “Better Than This.” It depicts a moment so perfect that words aren’t adequate enough to describe it. “The song is kind of a little vignette of hopping in a car with my husband and going out,” Jessica informed. “It’s just being in a moment that is so good that you don’t even have words for it!”

A whole gamut of life experiences defines this album as the wildly colorful montage it is. There is the aforementioned thrilling track of just hitting the road with your favorite person, there is a poignant track that recalls Campbell’s spiritual roots, and there are even a couple of tracks that cover material Jessica has never touched before.

“Two songs on the album deal with the struggle of the music world,” she revealed. “They are about following your dreams and continuing to push it through and pursue your passion even though it may be a struggle or it might not make sense to other people. This is the first time I really grapple with that in song. ‘Loosing Your Mind’ and ‘My Heart Says Go’ offer a little bit of that side of me that I haven’t talked about in my songwriting before.”

Throughout the tracks, the lyrics are peppered with numerous Facebook-worthy lines, clever concepts and word couplings that deserve a spotlight. When asked if those lines and her songs, in general, are labored over or if they come in a flash of inspiration, Jessica replied, “Sometimes the songs come out in an hour or two while others require an act of God to get them finished!” She laughed. “It’s different every time. It’s like crafting... some of it requires heavy crafting and some of it just comes out. My strength in lyric writing is to have a good hook to really wrap my mind around so I’m able to craft the lines needed to really support that hook. That’s my buzz in songwriting. If I’ve got a good hook, I’m on a good road and I just need to map out everything else around it.”

And, what a wonderfully vibrant map it is! Jessica Campbell’s III is a crisp and exhilarating musical adventure. As you listen to the remarkable variety from track to track, it becomes apparent that there is no topic this woman cannot turn into euphoric musical magic. Remember, III will be available on October 7, but you can pre-order on iTunes now and get three of the songs before the album is even released! For more information on Jessica Campbell, visit her website, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

And, if you’d like to experience Jessica’s dazzle live, check out her list of her current tour dates to find out when she’ll be in your town.