Jeff Chaz plays funky blues on his new album
John Fuhrmann

There will always be interest in great musicians, but the interest is even greater when a good story is behind that musician. Jeff Chaz has played music for a lot of his life, but his career took an interesting turn when he played trombone in a soul band, and at one gig it was decided that he should be the band's new singer. That was a fortuitous decision that ultimately led him to the blues. While that was definitely the right move, it was also a move that benefits his listeners.

The album begins with "Tired of Being Lonely", a groovy blues tune that is accented by some horns that give the song a real soul feel. That's not the only thing that injects some soul into the song. Chaz's vocals sound like something you'd hear on a 70s soul album. Also, at times the guitar at some points sounds like it's from a 70s blaxploitation film.

Chaz's background in soul is pretty evident on this album. Not only does he have very soulful vocals, but he also has a good amount of funk in his sound. "I Smell Somethin' Funky" is really more of a funk tune than blues. One thing is for sure: this song - especially the bass line - will have you shaking whatcha got. So the rhythm will definitely have you moving, then comes the shredding guitar solo. It won't necessarily make you stop moving, but it definitely grabs your attention to the point wher eyou have to listen more carefully. With the combination of a funky rhythm and amazing guitar work, this song is reminiscent of Funkadelic. The funk continues with the next song "Morning Coffee", which is a great title for this song. If it takes (at least) one cup of coffee to get you going in the morning, this will be even more effective. This song is just a burst of energy and funk that will get you moving better than any cup of coffee.

While the band has some very uptempo tunes that will get you moving, it also shows that it can slow things down with songs like "Dreams Don't Lie". This is an awesome slow jam that would go great with a cold beer.

Chaz shows himself to be an incredibly talented artist whether he's belting out soulful lyrics or showing off his chops as a guitarist. This album is proof that following the blues was the right thing for him to do.