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Breaking away from the pack as a solo artist, former Pussycat Dolls songstress J Sutta dropped her much-anticipated debut album “I Say Yes.” The album is a mix of high energy electronic and catchy pop, along with her new single “When A Girl Loves A Boy,” featuring multi hit-maker himself, Pitbull.

“I Say Yes,” is executive produced by multi-Grammy winner Rico Love, with appearances by mega-talents such as Will Peters, Liam Horne and Fuse ODG. The long-awaited release has an impressive 15 tracks on the album, including previous chart-topping singles such as "Forever," which has over 2 million views on YouTube, and the recent number one on Billboards Dance Charts, "Distortion."

AXS spoke with J Sutta how life-changing it was to work with producer Rico Love, “Rico has an unbelievable talent at looking into your soul and drawing out whatever emotions you are going through at the moment and putting it into a song. He is one of the most awe-inspiring and gifted people I have ever met, and it's magical to work with him.”

Now with some years distance away from her fame with the Pussycat Dolls, the singer talks about how this album has become a collection of personal songs, as she comes into her own as a solo artist. “I caught myself telling someone it took me a couple of years to make this album. In reality, it took me my whole life to make it exactly what it is. It is a precise sum total of all of my experiences good and bad. I feel it is an album filled with stories that everyone can hopefully relate to and ultimately has a steady undertone of faith in a happy ending.”

After overcoming the challenges of creating an entire album, in a world of streaming singles, Sutta reflects on being her own boss in crafting the new record. “As an independent artist, there was no budget or marketing machine to help so I tried to take my time to craft something I could stand by proudly no matter what anyone says. I feel like, when you know you have worked as hard as you could to do the best you could, it stops mattering what anyone else thinks.”

With so much star-power on “I Say Yes,” including the likes of Pitbull, J Sutta is well on her way to establishing her own solo voice in pop music.

Featured tracks on J. Sutta’s “I Say Yes” include:

“When A Girl Loves A Boy” (feat. Pitbull)

“I Say Yes” (feat. Rico Love)

“Can’t Take No More” (feat. Will Peters)

“Special” (feat. Fuse ODG)

“Fame” (feat. Liam Horne)