Isabel Rose sizzles with her jaw-dropping wardrobe in ‘Never Satisfied’
Isabel Rose

Legendary salesman Elmer Wheeler is credited for the sage advice that contends you should not sell the steak, but instead, sell the sizzle. Isabel Rose is the sizzle personified. The gifted vocalist has consummate control over every nuance of her ravishing tone. Her warm, intoxicating, Golden Age vocal glamor envelops her listeners like a luxurious fur, leaving them to bask in the sheer decadence of her lavish voice.

Rose’s world is filled with opulent soirées, chic affairs, and invite-only movie star who’s who events that perpetually land the socialite on the front page of all the most scandalous Hollywood tabloids. She bathes in diamonds and wakes looking even more radiant than when she went to bed. Her style is effortless and always enviably en vogue. The artist moves with a sleek, feline elegance and captivates with an aloof ease all while never offering her fans any less than everything that they desire.

The ravenous media greedily devour every last drop of fabulous that this poised and polished glam diva has to offer, yet proceed to ask for still more and more. “Never Satisfied” is the Bianca Mincinelli penned, tantalizing ode to the plight of the starlet, and Isabel Rose performs it with a combination of intriguing insight and knee-weakening sensuality.

The video to Ms. Rose’s latest single has the haute couture icon putting on a fresh dab of lipstick and checking her stylish compact to confirm that her makeup is, indeed, perfect before gracing the paparazzi with her red carpet sashay. However, before unveiling her latest trendsetting look, the sovereign, fashionista reflects upon her previous galas. At each successive appearance, Isabel’s ensembles take a step further away from her natural regal refinement and careen ever closer to simple shock value.

Isabel Rose creates magic. Her depiction of the charmed celebrity lifestyle is unapologetic extravagance underpinned with a subtle, yet pointed message that would make early Gaga nod in approval. Her video enhances Bianca’s song, giving it a new shade of meaning, and thus, offers it a new life, one with such raw and naked power that it might even make Miley Cyrus blush.

In a statement on her website, Isabel revealed, “I created this video in order to spark conversation about the efforts women have to go to now on the red carpet. Instead of celebrating the art they’ve created, the entire event has somehow become focused on what and how a woman has decided to present herself.”

You can find “Never Satisfied” on Isabel Rose’s latest album entitled, Trouble In Paradise (available via iTunes). For more information on this provocative star, visit her website, like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter. and read her blogs! For more information on songwriter/performer Bianca Mincinelli, like her on Facebook.