Interview with singer Jane Train
Jane Train, Cheryl Frishman

Jane Train is a singer from Northeastern Pennsylvania who started the band Not By Sight. Train has released a solo album called Diary and then started writing songs with Corey Lowery, who is now the bass player for St. Asonia.

Train is the lead singer for the band Not By Sight. Also in the band are Virus who plays guitar, Troy MacLawhorn on guitars, Ryan Bennett is on drums and Rek Mohr plays the bass. They recently played shows with Puddle of Mudd. Corey Lowery remains part of the band as a writer and co-producer.

The band does not have an album out yet, but Train just signed a deal to release a 10 song CD in Europe. I had a chance to sit down with Jane for AXS and talk to her about the band and what's next for Not By Sight.

Cheryl Frishman AXS: Who are some of the other members of the band? I understand most of them are formerly from other bands?

Jane Train: Some of them are still in other bands. Not By Sight did not come together as a group at first. It really started with my co-writing with Corey Lowery who is the bass player in St. Asonia.

CF AXS: You come from a musical family. Could you tell me a little more about that?

JT: Sure, both my parents were musicians. My father was the more successful and supported himself and the family for a bit with his music. He played on the road with Benny Goodman. My mother went to Yale School of Music and she is amazing on piano.

To hear the rest of my interview with Jane Train, check out the video above.