Interview with Paul Robb from the Information Society
Paul Robb and Cheryl Frishman

Paul Robb from the Information Society has released an instrumental solo album called Nocturnes. This is an 8 track LP that if listened to in order is like going through a single night into morning. Robb refers to his style at "micrographic". A nocturne is usually a musical composition that is inspired by night time. This album is a perfect listen for those looking for something a little new or different than the usual rock album. Ideal for night time listening this is a very enjoyable CD.

Robb was one of the co-founders of the band Information Society. After many hits in the 1980's, they continue to make albums and work together. Robb has also done solo projects like Think Tank and has worked with folk singer Barbara Cohen on the Brother Sun Sister Moon project. Robb also writes music for films and commercials and has won two Clio awards.

Robb owns his own recording studio in Los Angeles and continues to work on film and commercials and the Information Society. Their latest album is called Hello World and was released in 2014. His new album will probably not be supported by a tour but fans can check out his website for more information on how to purchase the album and updated information on new Paulb projects.